A detailed walk-through for the Bitcoin anonymity

The creator of Bitcoin, who goes by the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto, called his creation a “time chain” because each block has an approximate timestamp. This makes it possible to determine the sequence of all transactions and ensure that no Bitcoin is spent twice. Check the place of mixing Bitcoins in this guide for transaction security right now.

How to be sure of Bitcoin confidentiality?

Bitcoin, although considered confidential, retains a digital trail that shows who and where the coins were sent, and from this trail, interested parties can track you down if necessary. Therefore, when you purchase bitcoins and send them to other wallets, these transactions are not confidential and are completely transparent.

Therefore, anyone interested can find out who is buying bitcoins and where the coins are sent. It is in this case that the services of the Bitcoin mixers we are talking about may be needed. Bitcoin mixers are platforms used to break the connection between a sending address and a receiving address for bitcoins.

How to send coins securely with the help of BitMix?

Take a look at the following steps on how to mix bitcoins with a BitMix tumbler?

  • Buy a mixer.
  • Pass them through a mixer.
  • You upload coins to one of the platforms on the darknet.
  • You pay for your purchase.
  • You take the balance after the transaction by transferring the amount to a new wallet or sending it directly to the account of one of the Bitcoin mixers.
  • Mix coins.

Sending coins through a bitmix tumbler or browser-based Bitcoin wallet is very easy. To do this, you need to open the application and log into your account, then use the coin transfer form. After filling out its fields, you need to confirm the address and transfer amount and then click “Send”.

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